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Within new media, algorithms use a personalised approach to each user. In the construction of a personal visual language by means of one’s digital footprint, the algorithm creates a visual narrative. Through collecting visual data, a visual compilation of this tracking method suffices as a fitting contemporary example that can ultimately be used to visually demystify the underlying connections its user is unaware of.

The fashion systems’ algo • rhythmic gaze’  is an online essay that embodies the outcome of a research project that focuses on the exploration and interconnection of the fashion system and the concept of the algorithm. Through the concepts of rhythm analysis, fashion in the non-textile realm, the propagandistic core of new media and defining the consumer-as-user within new media, Chinouk Filique de Miranda aims to explore and explain the way rhythms are used to mystify and subliminally influence the consumer on a daily basis, through one’s digital footprint.

Alongside the online essay, a technologically developed format of propaganda language was highlighted and curated in the form of a lexicon. Here, the created vocabulary generates understanding towards our contemporary digital environment and various terms and concepts within this digital landscape. 


The ever-expanding lexicon is displayed as a dictionary of sorts to guide its audience through the maze of new media, algorithms, propaganda and its correlation with the fashion system. 


The online directory is accompanied by an algorithmically generated fashion focused passage • weaving value though algorithmic knits • in which the various components of the new propaganda lexicon are processed vocalised. 

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